Dating 6 Guys in 6 Days: Part 2

Date #3 was with a boy named Trevor. We met at State and Main, a newer restaurant in the area.

He is a runner and a rower. Total athlete who spends his days rock climbing and running around the city. Pictured Sylvester Stallone from Cliffhanger (If you don’t get that reference, get off my blog and stop making me feel so god-damn old!).


He is a few years younger than me, just turned 27. But he has a good job in sales in Waterloo.

He was tall.  And skinny. Probably from all the running. I had told him I also ran (naturally) so spent the entire dinner sucking in my gut and talked about my recent sports injury (I hurt my shoulder playing baseball last summer….not really an injury) and how it effective my regular workout routine….basically trying to make excuses for why I was so out of shape.

Trevor knew our server, they went to school together and shot the shit for a bit while I drank my beer. I think her name was Megan?

The dinner was nice, we had good conversation, but it didn’t really feel like there was a spark.

When the bill came, I made a half attempt to move toward my purse, fully expecting him to shoo me off.  Instead, thanked me to splitting the bill with him. That he thought it was unrealistic for girls to always assume that the guy should buy the meal on the first date. What?? You aren’t even going to buy me dinner? This was a first for me. I understood what he was saying, but I also thought about my other first dates who HAVE bought dinner for me. Strike against you Trevor.

After we paid the bill, we walked out there door where he hugged me and went on his way. Didn’t even walk to me to car. Another strike.

I saw him walk to the bike rack and unhook a bicycle, hop on, and ride away. You rode your bike to our date? What if we really hit it off and you wanted to take me home? Would I sit on your handlebars? At that point I had to laugh.  Goodbye Trevor.

As soon as I got home I changed my preferences on my Tinder account from the ages of 26-35 to 28-33. No more boys and no more old men.

Date #4

This one I was excited about. This was with a guy named Oliver. He works as a foreman for a construction company in Toronto building high-rises. He also coached rugby on the side. I played rugby for 6 years in high school and university. Instead of texting, we decided to exchange email addresses instead. We both were kind of sick of the texting game, and agreed that email was better, because it was like writing letters. We could write big, long-winded notes about ourselves, as well as ask a bunch of questions of each other. Of all the guys, this is the one I feel the most connected to.

We agreed to meet at Shoeless Joes. He was driving by the area on his way to adopt a dog (my dad later said the thought this was a TOTAL line that he likely uses all the time to get dates with girls…. “I’m going to go adopt some poor helpless dog from a shelter, maybe if things work out you can come over and play with my dog”) Since he worked in Toronto, he said he would be coming right from work, so would still be in work clothes.

The date went well! He’s a lot smaller than what I thought he would be and from his pictures. A bit wiry, but solid at the same time. Not a lot of body fat. Not like Ian, who was just skinny.

We had a couple beers each, I again ate a salad. We had great conversation and he paid for dinner! That earned him a point after Trevor.

We agreed to try to get together the following week.

By this point of my week…..I was exhausted. I just wanted to nap. I was eating rich food and drinking every night. Not getting a good night’s sleep because I was coming in late, and getting up early to shower and curl my hair. I was NOT used to doing this on the daily. Looking forward to the week being over. 2 dates to go!

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