Joining Tinder – You’d Think It Would Be Easy

I joined Tinder. I couldn’t sleep and was feeling lonely and sad for myself, and wanted male attention.

I’m not used to boys not texting me throughout my day and needed a distraction. I’ve never done the online dating thing. I work in an industry where meeting new people is easy and I’m pretty outgoing, so it has always worked for me in the past. I wasn’t feeling patient for that though. For the first time in about 10 years I didn’t have someone to talk to if I wanted to. I needed immediate gratification, so I joined Tinder at 2:00am. Alcohol may have been involved.

So when you join Tinder, it asks to sync to your Facebook and access all your pictures and contacts, something I was NOT prepared for and made me panic.

I have my Mum on Facebook!

I don’t want people knowing I’m on Tinder!

So I kept clicking “No” when it would ask me for Facebook permissions. It eventually let me pick what photos I wanted and fill out a profile. I worked really hard on picking pictures that made me look fun and outgoing and thought I was on my way to Flirt-town.

I don’t know what the heck I clicked on or what I was saying “No” to, but after that, every time I logged out of Tinder and logged back in, my profile would default to pictures of myself and my cheating Chef ex-boyfriend. A whole profile of selfies and us kissing….pictures I didn’t even have on Facebook anymore! I kept changing it back to the original pictures I picked but it kept switching to the Ex. It was infuriating and no one on Tinder was liking me! So me being me, I wrote to Tinder.

Subject: Help! My Profile Keeps Defaulting to Pics of My Douchey Ex!

“Dear Tinder,

In my desperate state of single-hood I added your app last night in an attempt to meet men.

For whatever reason, my profile pictures keep defaulting to pictures of my ex and I every time I log out. I’ve tried switching it back like 20 times, yet his stupid face keep showing up as my default picture.

Now, I can definitely see the humour in this, and have laughed about it when I show people, but now it’s getting to the point where it feels like the universe is giving me a big “Fuck You”. It’s not enough that he cheated on me with a sluttier and more annoying teenage version of myself, but now I can’t even attempt to join a somewhat sleazy app (sorry) without a constant reminder of what a douche knuckle he is.

I’m trying to seem cute and outgoing, not slutty and promiscuous. Please help!”

I fully expected to get a response that was somewhat funny, but Tinder Support is (disappointingly) completely professional, and worked with me to get it fixed. I’m happy to report that my Tinder profile is complete and does not contain one picture of me and my ex. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

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